Friday, September 14, 2007


Some spoilers from BuddyTv:

In the seventh episode of the season, Lana gets Clark's powers and behaves recklessly. The latter learns what Lana has been keeping from him. [Source: KryptonSite]

Prison Break
Mahone will give a testimony about The Company to a panel composed of Panamanians and Americans. This is an international hearing requested by the U.S. Government. [Source: TV Squad]

Jeff Fahey will play a character named Frank Lapidus and Jeremy Davies plays a man named Daniel Faraday. According to sources, the premiere is Hurley-centric and not Sawyer-centric. [Source: Lost Spoilers]

From hints Kristin gives, it seems that Peter may have amnesia. Around episode 8, we will see Hiro when he was younger than 10-year-old (it's not clear what age he'll have but it'll be a single digit). [Source: Watch with Kristin]

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