Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Supernatural Episode Details!

Episode 3x03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Kubrick and Creedy- Kubrick visits Gordon in prision and tells him about the Devil's Gate opening in Wyoming-Tells him hundreds got out - calls it an army- Kubrick tells Gordon that Bobby saw Sam Winchester there, but that he was there to try and stop it. Gordon does not believe that and says that Winchester is dangerous, even when Kubrick tells him that Winchester checks out and he is just a hunter.

Kubrick's RV- Creedy questions believing that Sam is dangerous based on Gordon's instincts alone, but Kubrick tells him that he trusts Gordon.- Creedy reminds Kubrick and Sam's wanted status will make him almost impossible to find, and Kubrick admits that his most recent lead was three weeks ago Sam was seen in Nebraska.

As Kubrick is giving Creedy this information and a pep talk that all they need is one good lead, Creedy sees in Kubrick's RV one of those Jesus statues that seem like they're looking at you no matter where you are. Creedy is doing this funny thing by closing one eye and swaying from side to side, playing with the statue. He then picks up the statue, and starts moving it from side to side. Kubrick grabs the statue from Creedy and tells him "Stop playing with my Jesus"!

Kubrick wants to do everything in his RV, including eat and sleep. Creedy will have nothing of it, taking out his laptop and finding a restaurant to eat in and a hotel. You can tell Kubrick is clearly disappointed Creedy is so unimpressed by the RV life. However, by doing this the two men accidentally are put on Sam's trial.Hotel Room - Kubrick, Creedy, and Sam- Sam is restrained on a chair.- Creedy tells Sam that they didn't have to do anything to subdue him, he had some kind of seizure and kind of subdued himself.

Kubrick begins questioning Sam, hitting him and telling him that he does not believe that he had nothing to do with the Devil's Gate nor does he believe his powers are gone. Kubrick aims a gun at Sam's head.-Creedy tries to get Kubrick to hesistate, but Kubrick points out how they were kind of led there by God by a series of errors, and it was destiny.-Dean enters and saves Sam. (the rescue scene is x'ed out, so its probably not going to be filmed as per the scene in the sides.)

Personally, I'm glad to see Gordon back! I think his hate for Sam is a good storyline!!

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