Friday, July 27, 2007


The ballroom was standing room only for the Lost: Season 4 presentation, and it's not hard to see why. The last half of Lost's third season was, arguably, the best creative stretch the show has ever seen. The final scene game-changer with Jack and Kate put fans in a tizzy and increased both the anticipation and expectations going into season 4. Couple that with the announcement of an end date (only 48 more episodes) and it's an exciting time to be a Lost fan.

They kept it simple this year at Comicon, giving us a basic, hour-long Q & A. After some technical difficulties, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse addressed the masses. The two were their usual charming, funny, and self-deprecating selves. They introduced a clip of the Lost videogame from Ubisoft. It looked pretty cool, but it didn't reveal anything about the gameplay or the story.

Then, began the questions. Before we get to the info nuggets, let's talk about Harold Perrineau. About halfway through the presentation, after Damon and Carlton pretended they didn't want to answer any questions about Michael's reappearance on the show, Harold Perrineau himself walked on stage to huge applause. They didn't give us much in terms of how or when he'd be coming back, except that it wouldn't just be in a flashback: Michael is back for good as a series regular. He'll return early in the season. That's the big news.

Here are all the other significant pieces of info that they let loose.They talked a lot about how liberating it now is to have an end date. Damon seemed to slyly indicate that Claire and Jack would find out they are brother and sister sometime next season.Michael's comeback after a year off was planned all along and was extremely hard to keep quiet for all three of them.It was not Locke that Hurley saw fall off the office building in season

They won;t close the door on the possibility of having another Lost Experience.They intend to have a flashback and tell Libby's story. They also hinted that she may have ties to the Dharma Initiative.

They intend on telling the Rousseau's story in a flashback, and we'll see it either this season or next season.

The monster's origin, everything, will be answered definitively at some point.

And, at the end of the hour, they showed us a clip of Marvin Candle of the Dharma Initiative filming one of their videos. It was from Station 6: The Orchid. He was holding a rabbit.
Did Ben get caught by Rousseau on purpose? Did Ben kill the real Henry Gale? Damon says he will answer one of those questions. The asker chooses the capture question. Carlton: "He got caught by accident." Damon volunteers this, regarding Ben vs. Henry Gale: "They had words."
Dude says he likes Richard Alpert; Damon and Carlton say (I paraphrase) don't get too attached to him, because Nestor Carbonell's on CBS' Cane.
They're writing episode one, but it's still untitled.
What questions are fans not asking that we ought to be?" Carlton: "Who's in the coffin?" and rings the bell on himself. D.L. and C.C. ask Harold, "Who do you think is in the coffin?" Harold thinks it's the person with the teenage son...probably Locke! Damon would ask, "Who's on that freighter out there, and what do they want out of the Island?" Carlton would ask, "Okay, Kate and Jack got off the Island? Did anybody else get off the Island?"
Shooting starts in four weeks.
The promised clip is one of the station orientation films, hosted by Marvin Candle under an alias. The footage begins with him getting his makeup done and smoothing down his Dharma labcoat. Bunnies! It's about bunnies! Bunny #15, to be specific. Marvin, who calls himself Dr. Edgar Halifax in this film, identifies it as station six, the Orchid. He says the viewer has probably realized by now that he or she is not working at a mere botanical research unit.
He apologizes for making him or her lie to friends and family members about the nature of the work. He mentions something that sounds like "Kasimir effect" and mentions the "unique properties of the Island." Then there's one of Jacob's subliminal messages. It may have been some variation on "as Jacob loves you." Then there's a bunny riot. One of the station's alarms blares, Dr. Halifax/Marvin panics. There's an intercut clip of someone riding a bicycle. The clip is inserted upside-down, and the rider appears to be in the village green of Otherville...And then, amid the chaos (perhaps this is the Incident?), the filmstrip slides off the reel.

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