Thursday, November 12, 2009


Question: I need a Puck-centric Glee scoop! —Tammy
Ausiello: Next week, he spills his guts to someone that he’s the father of Quinn’s baby. And she doesn’t respond the way he expected.

Question: This week’s episode of Lie to Me was awesome! Any word as to whether FOX is going to order a full season? —Rachel
Ausiello: Still no word on a back-nine pick-up, but I have a hunch we’ll be hearing some news on that front soon. Meanwhile, next week’s episode finds Lightman and Foster trying to track down the biological parents of a teenager who realizes he was abducted as a baby. But it’s Lightman’s parenting that comes into question when he has to bend the truth to his own daughter.

Question: I know you don’t usually write about Leverage, but maybe you could give me some scoop on the second half of season 2 for my birthday. —Bree
Ausiello: Didn’t you use that birthday line on me two weeks ago? Eh, whatever. Look for Nate to be thrown together with his ex-wife Maggie on a case in an episode that also marks the return of his nemesis Sterling. Also, Luke Perry will play an unscrupulous psychic in a guest turn my mole describes as “chilling.” Lastly, Eliot will finally put a baseball bat to its proper use.

Question: The last episode of House was painful to watch for us ‘Huddy’ fans. Please tell me Cuddy will drop the stupid PI and give House a chance? —Heather
Ausiello: Looks like we’re stuck with Lucas at least through early February. If it makes you feel any better, rumors that House’s mental institution lay, Lydia, will be paying a visit to Princeton-Plainsboro are apparently not true. An insider says there are no immediate plans for Franka Potente to return.

Question: Please tell me you have some Chuck scoop. —Jake
Ausiello: I have some Chuck scoop. In episode 10, Casey does something bad. REALLY bad. Could-cost-him-his-job bad. And it’s connected to Robert Patrick's recently heard-about role.

Question: According to IMDB, Alexis Bledel will appear in an episode of Lost this season. Is that true? –Anita
Ausiello: No it sure ain’t!

Question: A rumor started recently that Rudy Reyes from Generation Kill (with Alex Skarsgard!) was cast as Alcide on True Blood! Please tell me this is true! —Becks
Ausiello: No it sure ain’t!

Question: Any details on what brings Zatanna back to Smallville? —Jeffrey
Ausiello: I hear she’s going to stir up some love-triangle drama between Lois and Clark. The episode’s called “Warrior” and, as I scooped in the latest episode of Ausiello TV, it’s the one set at San Diego Comic-Con Metropolis Wonder-Con. In other Smallville news, Tom Welling’s practically naked — and he’s making out with Lois!

Question: Any hints about the new love interest for Chloe on Smallville? —Sandra
Ausiello: She meets him at San Diego Comic-Con Metropolis Wonder-Con.

Source: EW

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