Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Help Save Kyle XY!



Anonymous said...

kyle xy is the best show on abc this could be it's great's for abc they should think about giving it a forth season it would be sad to see it go abc should get with a network and try to keep kyle xy on

Anonymous said...

Hello I am a member at kylexy.net and was hoping that the hosts of this blog would mind writing an entry to tell people they can save the show through a campaign. At kylexy.net we have many dedicated individuals with many ideas on how to save the show.

If you have any questions email me at jackrabbit121088@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Help save Kyle XY, it can be done! Jericho is a prime example.

Anonymous said...

Help save Kyle XY, it can be done! Jericho is a prime example.

DGxx said...

Kyle XY: ''Sometimes a moment becomes a memory the instant it's happening; Because it's so true, so pure, and so significant, you want to capture it forever''
Save Kyle XY! Go to kylexy.net and see what you can do to help and save the tub....or move the tub to another channel!

Ellen said...

Thank you for calling attention to this most-awesome of shows – namely Kyle XY. As a very avid fan, I am of course saddened at the cancelation, but am hoping that some network (if not ABC or ABC Family) will bring it back.
As fans, we can all do our part. Write letters, send post cards, send Sour Patch Kids, sign petitions, do whatever it takes (within reason and common courtesy) to get Kyle XY back on the air! Those interested should check out kylexy dot net. We’re organizing and doing what we can to spread the word. And the word is –
Save The Tub! Move The Tub!
Keep Kyle XY!

Anonymous said...

i've been watching this series for some time,although i'm from trinidad & tobago, i've never seen a family, science fiction series as unique as kyle xy. the last episode of season 3 is a very good episode.but instead of bringing answers to the series it brings more questions to it at its demise. if kyle has a biological brother & mother working with latnok, will he kill his brother or let him go? will he continue to spy on his family history? will he tell his friends & family about his natural family? if so, how will they react or continue living knowing about it? how will it affect kyle's relationship with them? if he tells amanda his entire secret how will she take it? can she live comfortably knowing this throughout her life? will kyle reunite with amanda after telling her his secret or start a romantic relationship with jessi, or neither. if the series continues, will he end up with either of them or neither at the end of the series, if it continues? will he end up becoming a doctor,scientist,lawyer,detective or a founder & head of organization, using his abilities to help others in need or for a greater purpose? what will become of his friends & family in the future? what about the students he made friends with at latnok? the truth is, as long as the series is off the air, we will never know! watching other shows on abc family weeknights is like watching gossip girls, 90210, one tree hill, 7th heaven & gilmore girls all over again.it sucks!& bringing a new series called 'roomate' is like what i have mentioned before about the other shows. it sucks! my younger brother introduced me to series years ago, & i found this series interesting. although i'm in my late 20's,i've never seen a series as kyle xy. i urge fans from around the world to urge usa fans to support in continuing the series,send messages, make pleas, urge usa fans. american fans,if you want the series to continue sign petitions,raise funds, start donations & donate at least $20 or more a month to save the series. if the producers,directors & the actors of kyle xy want the series to continue, give them support.the kids in kyle xy are getting older and we cannot wait for a number of years for the series to continue. it wouldn't make sense letting only adults be main characters in the series & we don't want replacements. if abc family or the abc channels cannot take back the series, give the offer to other channels until at least one channel will accept it. bring it at 8pm at a weeknight and put it at a day that it will not clash with popular shows from other channels such as lost, heroes, or smallville or monk in order to increase the ratings. if the actors,producers or directors do not want to continue the series, then there is nothing i can do? if the series cannot continue in spite of this plea i am making, then i cannot do anything about it. therefore i leave the rest to you fans. what's in it for me ? just to see the series again. it is up to you fans to do whatever you can to support in saving the series.decide!its up to you now! i thank you all for you undivided attention!

frggystyl said...

Kyle XY is a prime example of the old adage, “only the good die young.” After three short seasons, we as fans are left begging for more… more of a show that was our bright spot on Monday nights.
We Kyle XY fans are a loyal group. As a member of KyleXY dot net, I’m doing what I can to help resurrect this show. You can join in the fight as well. The more of us that speak out for Kyle XY, the easier it is for the networks to hear us!

Europa said...

This is a great article about this wonderful show.
With the cancellation of KYLE XY by ABCF, fans have lost a battle but certainly not the war yet. People all over the world are involved in trying to Move the Tub to another network.
Also the forum at KYLEXY.NET is a great place where to find anything to help the cause.

Danielaxx said...


Help! We can't save KyleXY if we don't try.
I know there are tons of petitions already out there but we need more.



Ellen said...

Kyle XY has a loyal fan base that is doing everything in their power to return new episodes to the air! Any fan of Kyle XY who would like to be a part of the campaign please visit savekylexy.com, savethetub.com, and kylexy.net.

daniela said...

Its Daniela again.

We all know KyleXY is an amazing show and I know everyone is doing everything they can to save it.

Something that has come up right now is The Save on Show Campaign. We made it on the list of shows that could gain support for being revived.

If you love KyleXY please vote.


This could be a big step in our campaign.

and anonymous from Trinidad. I find your entry most inspiring!

KyleXY is a show that combines so many different aspects of entertainment and family into one. The writers did an outstanding job and the actors were right up there with them.
I hope this show, through all our support, can find its way back on television where it belongs


<3 elaxx

Anonymous said...

kyle xy è bellissimo....
non cancellatelo è davvero coinvolgente....ed è una bellissima storia...
please save kyleeeee


Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised to find that for the most part, the show is interesting.It is superbly cast.Kyle XY Episodes is a fun and interesting show.This show is a great show filled with suspense, drama and everything in between.

Anonymous said...

I found this, i dont know who they are...but it may be help to the MASS MAILING to save kyle xy on 06-26-09.... kyle xy must return.... we have to save kyle xy and you will help me..... share this:

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jennifer said...

This show is excellent.I recently had the chance to watch the pilot for Kyle XY TV Show, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it very much.I also Watch Kyle XY Episodes Online and also Download all episodes of Kyle XY TV Show from edogo.com. really i enjoyed it.