Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Brian in Kearney, Neb.: Are we going to see more Huddy when House returns?

Lisa Edelstein tells me, "When we come back, there is a lot of House-Cuddy stuff going on." Word! Still, don't expect it to be all happy times: Cuddy will definitely have her hands full with her new bundle of joy. "I think the things that a baby brings are things you can't necessarily prepare for, so she's got some difficulties coming up," she adds. And some time off. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) will take over Princeton-Plainsboro while Cuddy goes on a little maternity leave.

Emma in Del Mar, Calif.: I demand answers to the Guess the Oceanic Sixer game!

You got it:

One is wrongfully imprisoned: Sun had better watch out for Charles Widmore, because he means business.

One's long-dead loved one says hi: Hurley gets a message from Libby (Cynthia Watros) via Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez).

One gets a major guilt trip for the death of another Lostie: Kate. Sun is not pleased she didn't keep her promise to search for Jin on the freighter.

One strangles another Sixer: Sayid gets his grips on Jack.

One saves another's life: Jack revives Sayid from a dart-induced coma.

Marcy in Indianapolis: Kristin, I'm dying for some couples scoop on Chuck!
Unfortunately when I talked to Zach Levi this weekend at AMC Theaters' booth at the Access Hollywood Gift Lounge, he did not give me much hope for a future with Chuck and Sarah. "Chuck and Sarah are one step forward, two steps back. We still love each other. I want to be with her, and she secretly wants to be with me—I think—but it just makes for a not very protected Chuck because emotions get in the way. So it's on the backburner." Sigh. I want it in the deep fryer! (Did that sound dirty?) On the upside, though, I'm told the Ellie and Awesome wedding is still in the works and planned for sometime during May sweeps.

Marla in Rhode Island: Anything new on Heroes?
When the show returns, Suresh still has super strength, and Peter will take his power so he can escape a hairy situation.

Source: Kristen @ E!

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