Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Spoilers!

Question: Mary McDonnell's name has been ominously left off the list of the actors appearing in the Battlestar Galactica movie. Is this a sign that our favorite president doesn't survive the end of the series? -- Brittany

Ausiello: It could be interpreted in any number of ways. I tried to pump McDonnell for details when I spoke to her earlier this week, but she would only say that Roslin's "story is not going to be explored further in the movie." Smart gal. Then, copping to a bit of post-Battlestar depression, she admitted, "It's still difficult. It's wonderful to be back in L.A. and not be commuting [from Vancouver]. The practical lifestyle part of it has been great. But I miss everyone terribly. Ending that show was excruciating; it was really hard to finish. It was such a glorious experience." Not to mention a creatively satisfying one -- right up 'till the end. "The sophistication of the writing became…so beautiful and dark…light…It was quite something to be inside of. It felt to me so complete that while I'm very sad that it's over, I'm very glad it was a complete saga and that it maintained its quality 'till the end. It didn't just drift off."

Question: Fringe scoop, please! -- Sara

Ausiello: Christmas is going to come early for you, Sara, as I'm hearing that the show has a big cliffhanger planned for its December 2 episode, titled "Safe." How big? While the team is investigating a series of weird-ass robberies, one of the major players gets kidnapped. That big. Meanwhile, if you're a serious fan -- and something in your use of that exclamation point tells me you are -- you'll likely pee yourself over this fun new site.

Question: This season's Dexter is a little flat. Any spoilers you can tell us to inflate it? -- Kristen

Ausiello: Yeah, I've sent back diet soda that has as little fizz as this season. But maybe things'll get shaken up next week when Dexter's dad tries to talk him out of trusting Miguel? Or maybe not.

Question: What's happening? I used to jump on here and be overloaded with Smallville spoilers, but last week... nothing! Do you have anything that can satiate this Smallville fanatic? -- Susie

Ausiello: "Satiate"? Probably not. But "tantalize"? You betcha. My moles whisper that there's an action-packed story arc in the works for Lana.

Question: Please tell us which long-running characters will kiss in Episode 12 of Smallville. -- Joe

Ausiello: Isn't it obvious? L*** and Clark.

Question: Please post more news about The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It's one of my favorite shows and deserves more press. Also, please visit the set and interview the cast. -- Merie

Ausiello: I'll get right on that, boss. In the meantime, you'll have to settle for this scoop: Someone is keeping a secret. A huge secret. And since I know who it is, I guess I am, too.

Question: I absolutely love the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Do you have any info about it? -- Shannon

Ausiello: As a matter of fact, I do. But I won't be posting it until tomorrow, so keep checking back. It's exciting! (Not that you wouldn't have come back, anyway, right?)

Question: What the Smurf! I need me some 24 Spoilers! -- Eddie

Ausiello: There are no tiny blue things running around in Jack Bauer's neck of the woods -- trust me on that. I caught a glimpse of (okay, the whole long gander at) the two-hour 24: Redemption flick airing Nov. 23 on Fox, and it's essentially a warm-up for season 7: swearing in new prez Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) and bringing in Jon Voight as the vague Big Bad. Of course, Jack does kick a lot of ass in the African jungle, too. But for all his troubles, he still winds up handcuffed on a helicopter en route to the U.S., where he'll stand trial for his criminal-torturing ways.

Question: I need to know what night and time Lost is on starting in Jan. '09. I need to select which evenings I'm teaching next semester, and I prefer to watch Lost live, not on DVR two hours later. -- Rosamaria

Ausiello: No decision has been made yet, but my gut is telling me it'll return to Thursdays at 10 pm. In related news, remember my scoop last week about Lance Reddick returning for an episode? Well, my Hawaii mole reports that he was shooting scenes in a hospital with Charles Widmore. Theorizes Doc Jensen: "If you believe, as I do, that Charles Widmore has been chasing after the island in order to cheat death by exploiting its time-travel properties, my guess is that Daddy Devilbucks was telling his mysterious henchman, ‘Would you please hurry your ass up and find me that Island?! I'm dyin' here!'"

Question: More Lost scoop, please! -- Dennis

Ausiello: In case you didn't see it, here are the official titles for the first six episodes. Let the speculation begin!

Episode 5.01 - Because You Left

Episode 5.02 - The Lie

Episode 5.03 - Jughead

Episode 5.04 - The Little Prince

Episode 5.05 - This Place is Death

Episode 5.06 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Question: Chuck is awesome. Why aren't more folks watching? Is NBC going to be patient and let the show's audience grow as it did with The Office? -- Brad

Ausiello: Most people are stupid. That's why the ratings suck. But by all accounts, NBC is sticking by the show. "They really believe in it," says exec producer Josh Schwartz. "Picking up the show for the full 22 episodes before we even aired was a sign of faith. Selecting Chuck to do the 3-D episode was another sign of faith. And I think everyone knew coming into the [fall] with football, the baseball playoffs and all the competition in the time slot, having to lead off the night having been off the air so long, it was going to take a little time. But they're being patient, and people who have seen the show this season seem to be really excited about it." So go ahead and exhale, Brad. Josh said it was OK.

Question: Any Chuck scoop? Pweeeease? -- Nicola

Ausiello: Brad's going to like this, too. While I was talking with Josh Schwartz, he also told me that the upcoming arc featuring Chuck's ex, Jordana Brewster, features some "juicy" Chuck/Sarah stuff. "We're always talking about how far you can take them…and how quickly. It was very emotional and honest between those two characters very early in the season, and Jordana's arrival throws a wrench into all of that. The relationship will continue to unravel, but I think you'll see in November sweeps that it will really heat up."

Source: Ausiello Files @ EW

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