Monday, February 11, 2008

Kyle XY Episode Details!

Episode 2.21

Mar 03,2008 "Grey Matters"

Kyle and Josh become embroiled in a cheating scandal. Elsewhere, Jessi continues to push her limits.

Episode 2.22

Mar 10, 2008 "Hello…"

Kyle plans for Jessi to meet Sarah.

Episode 2.23

Mar 17, 2008 "I've Had the Time of My Life"

The teens scramble to make their prom night as perfect as possible.

Source: SpoilerTV


anamika said...

Wow, kelly and trager family really a awesome family.Lori is my favorite character.She is so cute.This is very interesting show.Actually Kyle XY Episoderevolves around a kyle.And Kyle is sooooooooo sweet.

Anonymous said...

I still have the last two episodes to watch Kyle XY on my DVR. What I'm curious about is how good are the episodes. Are the like "OMG you have to go watch them now they're so awesome you won't believe what happens!"