Friday, December 14, 2007

Blood Ties to Return?

Another note of rumor I'm hearing today, is that Lifetime's decision to renew Blood Ties or not will be announced tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!


Anonymous said...

have you heard if Blood Ties will be returning?

MrsB said...

Well so far I've only heard rumors of cancellation. But on the bright side, Lifetime has not made an official announcement so it could be all chalked up to a bunch of speculation. I'd say once the writers strike is over we'll probably have a real answer.

Keep your fingers crossed!


smalls said...

i saw this article and thought that maybe you could help me spread the news about bt on some messages boards that i dont know about. basically it says that if enough fans watch the reruns of bt the higher the chance it will come back...well that is what i thought i said, but please read the article.

MrsB said...

No problem smalls & thanks for the link!