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If you attend the Fox TCA party, don’t forget to ask about Jennifer Morrison’s status on ‘House,’ please. – axeldry via Twitter
“If” I attend the Fox party? Like I’d ever skip that swell bash. When I chatted up Lisa Edelstein, I asked if we might see Jennifer again before this season is up. She confidently said, “I think so, yeah,” agreeing with me that Chase’s wife wouldn’t simply run away and stay away forever.

I’d like to know when Lucas (Michael Weston) is leaving ‘House.’ I want Cuddy with House, so I hope he will not stay until the end of the season! – Isa
Think of it this way: “Luddy” may be GOOD for “Huddy” when all is said and done. “I see it as a valid relationship that Cuddy needs to have to sort out whether or not she can have that sort of relationship, with a guy who’s nice, helps take care of her kid, shows up and isn’t challenging or complicated,” Lisa Edelstein says. So, this could be a case of the nice guy finishing last? “Maybe so,” Lisa allowed. “But I haven’t seen what happens.”

Try and get some ‘Lie to Me‘ info! – MadIsMyLife via Twitter
There is no try, only do! When the Fox series returns, get ready for “When Cal Met Gillian.” Says Kelli Williams of the flashback-filled episode, “We go into their life at the Pentagon when they first met and how that started.” How did the two get on at first? Kelli teased, “It’s a tense situation when they meet.” ‘Lie to Me’ is expected back in the late spring, where it possibly will be paired with ‘Code 58,’ the new cop drama fronted by Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks.

Any more news on the ‘Bones‘ flashback episode? – Shirley
The April 8 outing not only shows us how things went down during Bones and Booth’s first case seven years ago, but “You’re going to see the first time Angela and Brennan decide to work together,” Michaela Conlin tells me. Keep in mind, Angela at the time was a mere forensic artist with no post-grad degree, so she really has no business hanging her hat in the Jeffersonian. As such, Conlin says “It’s pretty cool” how she joins the team.

Any scoop on ‘Glee’s Puck/Quinn? – QuickGlee via Twitter
“As we saw in the last episode, the truth did come out,” Mark Salling told me, “so I think Puck’s gonna have the chance to man up.” After all, Mark notes, “He’s always wanted to be the father [to the baby-to-be].” And how is Finn taking it all? “He still has a LOT to deal with,” is all Cory Monteith would say.

Any ‘Glee’ scoop? – Charmqn via Twitter
Terry may be down, but she’s not out. Jesslyn Gilsig says that Mr. Schue’s Mrs. is going to fight for her man by reminding him of how things were when they first met.

I really need some new spoilers about the Winchesters. Please? – Leticia
Not a spoiler per se, but CW boss Dawn Ostroff told me that Eric Kripke is indeed mulling scenarios for ‘Supernatural‘ going into a sixth season if need be, despite his long-held stance that the adventures of Sam and Dean’s are a five-year tale. Ostroff cited the show’s creative resurgence and an newly “energized” cast as helping its chances for renewal.

Do you know what’s the song in this trailer for ‘Smallville’s “Absolute Justice” movie? – Shouzheng via Twitter
Sorry, the answer’s boring: It’s simply in-house music from the CW library.

Any more scoop on “Absolute Justice”? – David
I found this tidbit interesting: If you’re looking for someone to thank for the two-hour event, send all props to Kevin Levy, the head of CW scheduling. “We originally were going to air it as two separate episodes,” Dawn Ostroff says, “but Kevin – who’s a diehard ‘Smallville’ fan – came to me and said, ‘Listen I really want to put these episodes together.” Thanks, Kev!

I’m confused. Why will ‘Smallville’s Oliver and Chloe be enjoying a quiet weekend at a B&B if her love interest is Steven Swift/Warrior Angel? – Lori
Let’s just say there’s a very good reason why Steven isn’t there. (Maybe he doesn’t like homemade French toast? I’m just spitballing.)

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