Friday, January 15, 2010

In Plain Sight Episode Details & Casting Calls!

In 2003 Mary meets Marshall for the first time as they get lovers CLAUDIA TOBIN and HENRY DOER into the WitSec program, and it's a toss-up whose relationship is going to last: Claudia and Henry's, or Mary and Marshall's...

AGES 40-49, political, charismatic, powerful, shrewd, accustomed to being obeyed, attractive, East Coast stylish. Allison is the newly appointed US Marshal for Stan's district, and her mandate is to fix what she sees as an appalling "lack of accountability" in Stan's department. Destined to be a thorn in Stan's (and Mary's) side. Allison hates the fact that WitSec operates in such utter secrecy that she can't get any information about Stan's operatives--and she's not too happy when a dangerous situation causes Stan to order her out of the building...RECURRING / TENTATIVELY A THREE-EPISODE ARC. PLEASE SUBMIT BOTH NAME AND NON-NAME. (27)

Age 27 (needs to play both 23 and also 30), attractive, bright, extremely appealing, (Anne Hathaway type) from a pretty conservative, caring background, Claudia is a normal woman suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances when she and her boyfriend of only four months, Henry Doer, are witnesses to a gangland execution (of Henry's family) and are put into the WitSec program. Deeply in love with Henry and charmed by his offbeat sense of humor and devotion, Claudia is terrified of their situation but opts to go into WitSec together with Henry as his wife. Now, seven years later, Claudia is unhappy in her marriage, which she had neglected so she can focus on her business; however, Henry's selfless attempt to sacrifice himself to save her life makes her re-think her decision to get a divorce...GUEST LEAD (1)

Age 27 (also needs to play 23 and 30), handsome, bright, funny, caring, (Young Matt Damon type) with a self-deprecating sense of humor, yet sensitive and capable of real devotion, first seen in 2003, Henry is the child of a family of criminals (his dad and uncle work for notorious gangster Carson Miller) but he is deeply in love with the bascially normal Claudia Tobin, his girlfriend of four months. When Henry and Claudia witness Carson's gangland execution of Henry's family, they are put into the WitSec program and, much to Henry's happiness, Claudia agrees to cast her lot with him and get married within the program. Now, seven years later, after a tough time settling down, Henry realizes that Claudia is ready to move on and wants a divorce. He's willing to go to any lengths to keep his marriage together and/or prove his love for Claudia, including sacrificing himself to the man who's come after them...GUEST LEAD (1)

30s, overweight, rumpled, unshaven, and a stoner (Jeff Lebowski type) Derrick is a friend of Henry's who agrees to stage a robbery of Henry and Claudia's house and steal a box of Henry's old photos that could potentially be dangerous in the wrong hands. Caught by Mary and Marshalll, to whom he confesses, Derrick later is caught by Carson Miller--who kills him...2 scenes. GUEST STAR (35)

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