Monday, January 18, 2010

Glee Scoop!

Everyone loves to sing the praises of the musical hit Glee (yay!) and bash on Will’s wretched wife, Terri, who spent the entire first half of this season faking a pregnancy just to keep her husband from leaving her (boo!). But now that the jig is up, Jessalyn Gilsig is hopeful that some spare glee will finally spill over to her. “This is a show about the most adorable people in the world…and then there’s Terri,” shrugs Jessalyn, admitting creator Ryan Murphy, who previously cast her as scheming Gina on his long-running FX series Nip/Tuck, forewarned that she’d be getting hate mail. “Ryan was very honest from the beginning that I would be starting from a deficit.”

While still relishing playing a villain in Will’s path to happiness, Jessalyn believes Terri could benefit greatly from a dose of sympathy—much like Jane Lynch’s scheming Sue Sylvester received when it was revealed she cares for a sister with Down syndrome. “Terri will be getting a story independent of Will, where you’ll see a woman more capable of love—and with needs,” she reveals. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we flashback to Terri and Will in high school, when she was head cheerleader.” More immediately, when the show returns in April, Terri will be moving in with her sister and getting a new love interest now that Will (Matthew Morrison) has left her and is moving on with Emma (Jayma Mays), or, as Jessalyn calls her, “that redhead.” Presuming it’s someone at Will’s school, where all the action takes place, Jessalyn says Terri’s new man could be a new character or one of these three possibilities:

Coach Ken Tanaka
(Patrick Gallagher)
“They could commiserate over both losing their true loves,” says Jessalyn, reminding us that when Emma’s betrayed fiancé previously suggested this as a means of revenge, “Terri didn’t bite…but that was a different time.”

Principal Figgins
(Iqbal Theba)
Though the uptight head of McKinley High School fired Terri from her short-lived job as the school’s nurse, Jessalyn says Terri could find “power” as the girlfriend of Will’s boss.

(Cory Monteith)
“It was fun when Finn came in to the nurse’s office. I checked him out after realizing he was the father of Quinn’s baby. I scanned his body and said, ‘You have really good bone structure.’ It was so uncomfortable but also so much fun!”

Source : TVGuide

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